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Message from Roger Bearman Chairperson of Gt Waltham with Ford End PCC.

This week all three PCCs have met with Rev. Susan Iskander,co-chair of the North Chelmsford Mission and Ministry Partnership (NCMMP) to be informed and discuss the latest position with regard to the Priest-in-Charge vacancy in our Parishes.

We are part of the NCMMP in which we co-operate, give and receivesupport from our neighbouring Parishes particularly during this interregnum.  We have learnt that the Chelmsford Diocese has serious financial problems which have arisen due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Therefore,at this time all recruitment has been frozen whilst a review of the available ecumenical resources within the North Chelmsford Deanery and of even greater importance, what the Diocese can afford going forward. The review is being led by the Archdeacon and the Area Dean. The NCMMP is endeavouring to put forward constructive ideas how our group can manage this situation. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available and we pray that we can to find a way through this and the Covid crisis.

Thanks Roger